Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Regarding The Founder

The name Habiburokhman began to be noticed due to numerously handling large scale of business cases such as the case of the cross ownership of Temasek in cellular telecomunication industry, legal dispute regarding the share of ownership of Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia to Malaysian palm oil investment company in East Kalimantan.

An undergraduate with economy major in Lampung University and a graduate in Business Law in Indonesia University, he had also become a legal consultant for a number of foreign companies investing in Indonesia, He did not only tackle business cases, but also handle others cases with high degree of difficulties.

He was once a legal representation for Ahmad Djunaedi (President Director of Jamsostek), ECW Neloe (President Director of Bank Mandiri), Omay K Wiraatmaja (President Director of Pupuk Kaltim), Abdillah (The Mayor of Medan) in criminal court for corruption cases.

In Political law, Habiburokhman had been known as lawyer for the Gus Irawan - Soekirman pair regarding the election dispute for North Sumatera Governor. Habiburokhman led the legal team of Jakarta Baru which was the team of advocates for Jokowi-Basuki pair on the election for DKI Jakarta Governor in 2012. In Presidential election in 2004, he became the team coordinator of advocacy for Prabowo-Hatta.

Habiburokhman had also requested judicial review regarding Article 51 paragraph (1) letter k UU No.8 Year 2012 regarding general election for members of house representatives, people's representative council, regional house of people's representative (general election for legislatives). Also, Habiburokhman had argued regarding Perppu No.1 year 2013 regarding MK as an object for further review.