Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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General Profile

Habib & Co Law Office is founded since 2002 and has participated in the world of law enforcement in Indonesia by handling variety of cases.

Habib & Co Law Office is an office which consists of professional lawyers and founded on ideal values in order to give contribution in upholding the law and preserving and ensuring the value of justice for all citizens.

With deep understanding and experience in the condition and the legal system in Indonesia as well as the network support with the respected institutions, it has become a strong foundation for our legal services to assist our clients in handling and settling legal issues. Based on this condition, our lawyers can create moving space and possess good capabilities to help settling legal cases or transactions that are needed to support our legal services.

Our law office is built and has become an inovative and modern organization with our chief focus to give the best legal solution in protecting and ensuring the law to the client. Our law office has a vast and strategic network with related government institutions.

Our law office is not only a commercial-oriented law office but also have a strong social commitment in community development as well as environmental preservation including providing free legal services to the those in need and taking part in building educational institutions with one of our main focuses that is to give ideas and financial contribution.