Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Legal Scope and Expertise

Habib and Co Law Office possess an extensive capabilities and legal expertise in servicing the clients when encountering various legal matters either on national or on international scales.

We handle litigation as well as non-litigation cases with various expertise as follows :

Banking and Finance
General Banking, Islamic Banking, Stock Exchange, the FSA etc.

Market Competition
Monopoly, Cross Ownership, Conspiracy, Price Fixing, etc.

Company Establishment, Licensing Management, Making the Draft Investment Agreement, Handling Permit, etc.

Pre Justice, State Treasury, State, Enterprise, etc.

Consumer Protection
Class Action, Civil Case, Criminal Consumer, etc.

Criminal Litigation
Pre Justice, Criminal Trial, etc.

Transport in Water, Sea Transport Special, Shipping Agency, Business Related Services.

Oil and Gas
All laws and regulations related to the oil and gas, etc.

Licensing of Mining, Land Acquisition, Drafting Cooperation Agreements Mining, EIA, Environmental Law, etc.

Licensing Estates, Land Acquisition, CSR, Work Together with the Community, etc.

Property Licensing, Cooperation Agreements, Land Acquisition, etc.

Employment Agreement, The Court of Industrial Relations, Issues Minimum Wage, etc.

Export, Import, Dispute.

Objection, Tax Appeals, Tax Lawsuits, Tax Disputes.

The Press Law
Defamation, Right of Reply, a Civil Action.

Political Law
Disputed Election, Political Party Disputes, Class Action, etc.

State Administrative Law
Land Disputes, Licensing Disputes, Employment Disputes.

Religious Courts Law
Inheritance, Grants, Divorce.